Sending Confidential Documents By Email
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Access news and events information and the departmental resources available to you in one place. To these by sending confidential documents email folders. The graphical security background, displayed during all stages of encrypted communication, can be individually customized. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

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If you need to send sensitive information within an email, make sure you use encryption so that only those intended to see your message can read it. Would a contract to pay a trillion dollars in damages be valid? Need help crafting your next email pitch? Most file sharing platforms, like Dropbox and Google Drive, offer convenient ways to integrate with popular email platforms. How to keep client data confidential when attacked by a ransomware? Note: If the lock is blue, the email can be encrypted.

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When you upload files on the Lufi instance, they are encrypted before being uploaded to the server. Is it possible to get all the data I send through wifi? To let recipients of an email know that an email is confidential, you can add a confidentiality message to your signature. You can set the password only for editing the PDF or for viewing it. These solutions across the documents by sending email!


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For example, a cyber criminal might have compromised your account in a phishing scam.

  • Within DHS: Sensitive PII should be mailed in blue messenger envelopes furnished by your onsite DHS mailroom or courier.

  • Once you have located the file you want to encrypt, select it by clicking it once.

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How do I send a secure email?

Nowadays this is quite common, however definitely not supported by all email providers out there. And email by hiding in the jackpot. News of cyber attacks and data breaches is continually making headlines.

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